Kim Kardashian Feared for Life and ...

The famous mother-of-two and icon from Keeping Up With The Kardashians said she was tied to a bed and locked in her luxury bathroom as the men who ent...

Labour Goes For “Intervention...

Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell promises "Manufacturing Renaissance" because "the winds of globalisation are blowing against the belief in the...

Female UK Students Becoming ‘...

Social media and the changing society is making female teenagers mostly unhappy according to a study of the Children's Society's Annual Report. Abo...

Bahamas Takes Over US In Spriting G...

Bahamas has taken the gold in Sprinting for this year's Olympics in an extraordinary fashion on Monday. Bahams' Shaunae Miller has defeated United Sta...

Kim Kardashian Feared for Life and Possibility of Rape During Robbery

The famous mother-of-two and icon from Keeping Up With The Kardashians said she was tied to a bed and locked in her luxury bathroom as the men who entered her apartment in Paris stole her jewellery and other properties costing about £3bn apiece.

Her apartment, just beside the Le Madeleine church in the city’s 8th arrondissement, was entered forcefully by robbers barreling up the stairs. She had her phone on her hands but it was snatched away before she could call for help.

Her friend Simone Harouche had called Kim’s bodyguard Pascual Duvier who was out with Kourtney and Kendall Jenner.

Kim screamed for her life as she was bound at the wrists and ankles with zip ties and duct tape.

The men, who entered the building after holding the concierge at gunpoint, also stole a jewelry box worth $6.7 million (€6 million/ £5.24 million) before escaping on rented bicycles available throughout the city.

Kim’s bodyguard, who managed to return to the apartment two minutes after the men escaped, was blasted for allowing the shocking security lapse while former guard Steve Stanulis suggested it was an inside job.

Kim soon left for the United States while her husband Kanye West met her at an airport in New York.

Labour Goes For “Interventionist Government”

Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell promises “Manufacturing Renaissance” because “the winds of globalisation are blowing against the belief in the free market.”

During his keynote speech to the party conference in Liverpool, the shadow chancellor said the post-Brexit “Manufacturing Renaissance” should be backed by a comprehensive industrial strategy that Labour oversees.

He stressed the fact that Globalisation’s “rules” are being “rewritten for us” as governments around the world move away from free market reliance in favour of intervention instead.

Labour is to commit itself to a multibillion pound pledge that would help make up any shortfalls in funding for deprived regions and communities due to the Brexit.

Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry is to say at her speech:

“For the period after, they have said nothing. That is not good enough. Without long-term certainty over funding, our most deprived regions and communities cannot plan ahead. They cannot attract other investment. They cannot make progress.

“So thanks to John McDonnell, Labour’s shadow chancellor, we can guarantee that a future Labour government will make up any shortfall in structural funding into the 2020s and beyond. And the same will go for the funding of peace and reconciliation projects in Northern Ireland. The communities who stand to lose out most from Brexit must be looked after first.”

Female UK Students Becoming ‘Unhappier’ According to Study

Social media and the changing society is making female teenagers mostly unhappy according to a study of the Children’s Society’s Annual Report.

About 14% of female adolescents from 10 to 15 years old are unhappy. About 34% of them are unhappy with their appearance.

According to researchers, girls were often feeling ugly or worthless because they are told so in social media.

The figures for England, Wales and Scotland in 2013-14 shows that the unhappiness rate has increased from five years to now.

Meanwhile, the happiness rate of boys in England have remained stable.

Lucy Capron from the Children’s Society said “This isn’t something which can be explained away by hormones or just the natural course of growing up, actually this is something that we need to take seriously and we need to address.”

The proportion of girls reporting being worried about their looks rose from 30% for the period as a whole, to 34% in the year 2013-14 – while the proportion of boys unhappy with their appearance remained unchanged at 20%.

Natalia, 15, said: “Everywhere you look it’s like, celebrities: thin, blonde or – perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect eyebrows. And it’s just crazy and I just feel like I should look like that – even though I know it’s all like fake, or a lot of it is anyway.

“I have these days when I’m like, I don’t care what people think but then somebody will say something and it will just hit me again and I’ll feel worse but I don’t know, it’s hard to explain why it bothers me so much sometimes.”

Caitlyn, 12, said: “I am happy most of the time, but then when it comes to my friends going: ‘Ah I look really beautiful in this outfit’ and everything, I just feel like, no, I can’t do that – I can’t pull it off.

“When I’m obviously looking through my Facebook and looking at some of the posts, all you can see is pictures of celebrities and my friends looking beautiful in selfies and everything, and then there’s just me, like, I can’t get away from any of it.”

Bahamas Takes Over US In Spriting Gold

Bahamas has taken the gold in Sprinting for this year’s Olympics in an extraordinary fashion on Monday. Bahams’ Shaunae Miller has defeated United States Sprinter Allyson Felix, the latter securing the gold in 2012’s Olympics.

Ms Miller had started strong and had led the entire race. She was nearly overtaken by Allyson Felix in the final moments of the run. Just before the approach of the finish line, she crossed with her torso the finish line before Felix, leaving the former champion only the silver medal.

According to Ms Miller, her dive had cost her some burns and bruises. But it was all worth it after realising she had won the competition.

It was questionable indeed for some whether the dive was fair in the sprint. According to the Olympic rules, ‘the first athlete whose torso reaches the vertical plane of the closest edge of the finish line is the winner.

According to US Athlete Lolo Jones of Track and Field and Bobsledding, the technique of diving had been extensively used by numerous athletes. He defends that Shaunae Miller’s win is a fair and just one.

American Athlete Ryan Wilson competing in the 110 Hurdles on twitter, came on to say that “if Allyson had dove and won, everyone would be commending her heart.”

Fund Managers Believe London Will Lose Business Due To Brexit

Majority of investment industry executives believe the Brexit will harm the City of London and Europe-associated businesses would be the first to see the consequences. The possible pullout of businesses from the capital could mean damage to the rest of the country.

About 82% of fund managers believe the United Kingdom would become the Brexit’s ultimate loser. The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute indicates from their data that majority of fund managers are unconvinced of London’s industrial recovery.

The managers believe that about 69 per cent Frankfurt in Germany would handle the fallout. Ireland’s Dublin is also viewed as a beneficiary of the Brexit’s fallout.

The survey’s findings “make challenging reading for the financial services sector in the UK and for the policymakers that will work on the Brexit negotiations,” said Will Goodhart, chief executive of CFA UK, adding that sentiment among investment workers is “disturbing”.

“As we have seen in recent times, things can change rapidly, but as it stands a great deal of work will need to be done to maintain the City’s competitiveness as a global financial centre and to secure the broader economic benefits that flow from that.”

“While changes in the relative attractiveness of one financial centre over another will see some lose ground and others gain, those changes can be disruptive for clients and for investment management businesses,” said the CFA’s global president and chief executive Paul Smith.

Dubai Royalty Take Simple Tube Ride in London

The King and Prince of Dubai both travelled in the Tube. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rahsid Al Maktoum with the Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan Bin Mohammed al-Maktoum took a photo of themselves travelling in the London Underground.

The two were wearing simple shirts and appeared to be London locals. The photo was shared in the prince’s Instagram account.

The Prince and his fater are both millionaires. Owning a huge portion of the UK’s property market with numerous homes in and around London, they also own the Longcross Estate in Surrey, which is worth about £75million.

The Prince has about 1.8 million followers worldwide.

People who recognised them in the Tube took photos of them and updated their own social media accounts as they witnessed the normal, simple appearance of the two royalties from Dubai.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed al-Maktoum graduated from Sandhurts and studied in the London School of Economics.

As a shift in Dubai politics, new ministers of “tolerance” and “happiness” during a cabinet shuffle signified the revolutionary changes to arrive in the Kingdom.

Pro-EU Protests Prop Up In The Streets of London

Pro-EU or anti-Brexit protesters have put up placards that declare in profanity many things that are Brexit.

“Un-Fuck My Future”, “No Brex Please, We’re British”, they read. Pictures of Whitney Houston with “I Will Always Love EU”, “Europe Innit” and “I wanna be deep inside EU”. “All EU Need Is Love”, “Fromage not Farage”, “Eton Mess” and, more seriously, “Science Needs EU”. “Hell no, we won’t go!” they shouted, rounding Piccadilly Circus.

Protesters had speakers Bob Geldof, Labour MP David Lammy and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron discuss Remain ideals and how the protests allow them to be real with themselves.

Bob Geldof said:

“Going online and tweeting your indignation is only venting into the ether. It achieves nothing. Come out. Take action among your friends, work colleagues and in your neighbourhoods. We need to individually organise ourselves. Organise those around us and do everything possible within our individual power to stop this country being totally destroyed.”

The younger generation – which made up majority of the protests – said they did not have a say in the matter.

“I’m here because I feel totally disenfranchised, hoodwinked and browbeaten into this political, financial and social suicide,” said Mark Riminton, a business consultant from Sussex, “and the only thing I can think of to do is go on a march.”

Lark Tester, an optometrist, had come from Cardiff – and drawn a heart and written “Peace, Love, EUnity” on the back of a pizza box to make her placard. “Even if we achieve nothing,” she said, “we will have shown our neighbours in Europe that we are not all for Brexit, and we love you.” But her mother-in-law, Tas Earl, insisted: “There is a point to this. We need to stress that it is not possible for them to go ahead with article 50 with just under half the country totally opposed to what they are doing.”

Better Health Comes From Government Teaching About Parenting

Faculty of Public Health Outgoing President Professor John Ashton said the government should support programs that educate parents on being parents.


He said teaching British parents to raise children and families could minimise the risk of families growing fears including anxiety, anorexia and obesity.

Mr Ashton said today’s children are neglected by schools and bad parents. He said the government needs to do something to stop it.

According to research, Mr Ashton said about one in 10 children have a mental health problem and most of it comes from his or her poor relationship with parents. He said the government must step in or give initiative to prevent irreparable damage.

He said: “We’ve done remarkably well in terms of producing live, healthy babies over the last 60, 70 years, but, by the time children are leaving school, between 10 per cent and 15 per cent of them are in trouble emotionally or mentally, and (suffer from) things like obesity, eating disorders, anxiety and stress.

“So having produced healthy babies we then set about neglecting them. I can’t imagine a sensible farmer doing this with livestock.”

Mr Ashton also warned that parents should openly discuss sex and sexual relations to their children as online pornography can affect a child’s mental health and thinking upon exposure.

“By answering children’s questions while they’re small and by not treating sex as taboo, you build blocks for mature conversations later on,” said Mr Ashton.

British Prime Minister David Cameron had himself declared that parenting classes should be mandatory for parents to raise their children. He said that every family needs help in improving their behaviour and discipline.

University Lecturers Launch Strike Over Pay Rise

An increase of 1.1 per cent is smaller than the vice-chancellor’s wage increase of 5.1 per cent according to UK university lecturers.

Members of the University and College Union (UCU) launch their 48-hour protest against the minimal increase in their wages.

The union said if the government and employers do not increase the wages of educators properly, their strike could disrupt upcoming graduation ceremonies, open days and university clearing procedures. The UCU also plans to boycott the setting and marking of students’ work to begin in autumn.

According to university employers, they expect minimal to no disruption from the walkouts.

“Our HE institutions tell us that they anticipate minor impact and minimal student disruption from UCU’s planned strike days this week,” said a UCEA spokesperson. “They know that the vast majority of their staff understand the current funding environment and can see that the final offer, with substantial extra for the lower paid, endeavours to be fair without putting additional jobs at risk.

The UCU said the value of university staff pay has never increased. They indicated that it had fallen by 14.5 per cent since 2009.

The Union also said that there is no employment security for teachers. The UCU estimates that about 75,000 are on contracts. They also indicated a huge inequality in pay according to gender. Male members of staff earn an average of 12,6 per cent than females.

China is Now The World’s Development Finance Leader

A study conducted by Boston University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences showed that in the last 10 years, China has developed a lead in financing international development. Overseas lending showed it surpassed six international multilateral institutions.

The China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China have oustanding loans to overseas borrowers amounting to more than $684billion by the end of 2015.

This is short of the $700bn outstanding loans of six western-backed multilateral development institutions.

China also plans to set up two new banks focused on development including the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank.

China’s CDB had taken over the World Bank in providing international development finance.

CDB currently has assets of $375bn by the end of 2015, according to bank annual reports, which has surpassed the Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

“In terms of scale, Chinese finance is a major foot forward,” said Prof Gallagher. “All the talk in the development world is of the need to move from ‘billions to trillions’ in order to transition to a more low-carbon and equitable world economy.”

“China is emerging as the global leader in development finance,” said the study, which was authored jointly by Kevin Gallagher, professor at Boston University and co-director at the Global Economic Governance Initiative (GEGI), Rohini Kamal of GEGI and Wang Yongzhong at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.