Ed Miliband Said He Was Not Respons...

A 33-page document from Labour that advised MPs not to campaign on immigration had become a major disaster for the party. However, Deputy Prime Minist...


UK Has Approved a Highly Controvers...

California-based medical company 23and Me’s controversial DNA test, which the US Food and Drug Administration believe as an inadequate genetic test,...


Comet Lander Detects Organic Molecu...

The Philae Lander had sent back evidence of carbon and hydrogen, which could show where life on Earth had originated. Organic molecules are ess...


Christopher Nolan Preferred “Real...

The “Dark Knight” Trilogy director Christopher Nolan said he prefers to use practical special effects in ‘Interstellar” instead of making use ...

Ed Miliband Said He Was Not Responsible For “Coaching” MPs About Immigration

A 33-page document from Labour that advised MPs not to campaign on immigration had become a major disaster for the party. However, Deputy Prime Minister Ed Miliband denies seeing the “leaked” document and claimed he had “no idea” who was responsible for the documents.

The document said that it suggested MPs “move the conversation on” to issues such as pressures on the NHS and housing when voters raise the question. However, MPs should not mention anything about immigration.

Many criticised him and the political party because the document was billed as a major pre-election speech on Labour policy on immigration.

The document was entitled “Campaigning Against Ukip.”

According to Labour’s insiders, some pointed to Lucy Powell, the new Labour Election Campaign chief, for distributing the article without having it checked by senior colleagues. The document highlighted that immigration is the problem “people most often cite” why they back up Nigel Farage. MPs on the campaign are advised to “understand and acknowledge” any concern even if the ideas do not blend with their own.

Senior Labour MPs were furious about the spread of the 33-page document. One had claimed it was “disastrous” and had blamed Lucy Powell. According to another, some bits of the document weren’t well-drafted.


UK Has Approved a Highly Controversial DNA Test From the United States

California-based medical company 23and Me’s controversial DNA test, which the US Food and Drug Administration believe as an inadequate genetic test, had been cleared by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The 23andMe spit test is designed to give details about the health risks of a person based on DNA gathered from saliva. However, many medical professionals believe the product is not accurate enough.

The UK Department of Health said it supported the idea of using gene tests to guide patient care within the United States. However, they warned that despite the product making the minimum standards needed, no gene test is 100% reliable.

Meanwhile, 23andMe Chief Executive Ann Wojcicki said ”The UK is a world leader in genomics and we are very excited to offer a product specifically for UK customers.” Ann Wojcicki the legal wife of Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. Google has invested millions in the development of 23andMe’s spit test.

However, the US FDA said that the reliability of the examinations were not satisfactory. The FDA also warned that customers may make life decisions based solely on the results they received.

According to Dr. Marcy Danovsky of the Center for Genetics and Society in California, genetic tests are highly valuable medical tools. However, they are quite useless if they are used as a predictor of common complex diseases.


Comet Lander Detects Organic Molecules

The Philae Lander had sent back evidence of carbon and hydrogen, which could show where life on Earth had originated.

Organic molecules are essential for life. Finding them on a comet may reveal some answers about humanity, and earth life, came from. Scientists are yet to reveal the specific molecules found on Comet 67/P Churyunov-Gersimenko.

Many scientists believe that life on Earth did not grow from the planet itself, but had been carried through an asteroid or comet that hit it during its younger years.

The DLR German Aerospace Centre had confirmed the lander had found organic molecules. The developer of the Philae Lander’s Cosac instrument, they determined their device had “sniffed” the atmosphere and detected the first organic molecules upon landing.

The instrument shortly picked up the compounds from the comet’s thin atmosphere before the lander hibernated to preserve its limited power supplies.

Meanwhile, the lander’s attempt to analyse soil through drilling had not been successful. It had worked on several other experiments for 60 hours before it entered hibernation.

Open University Professor and Scientist Professor John Zarnecki said that the discovery was greatly fascinating. He said “There has long been indirect evidence of organic molecules on comets as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms have been found in comet dust, It has not been possible to see if these are forming complex compounds before and if this is what has been found then it is a tremendous discovery.”


Christopher Nolan Preferred “Realistic” Effects for “Insterstellar”

The “Dark Knight” Trilogy director Christopher Nolan said he prefers to use practical special effects in ‘Interstellar” instead of making use of too much CGI. Nolan said he prefers to “work from reality.”

He said that he wanted to create a “realistic” atmosphere for the actors on set.

One of his SFX Supervisors, Scotto Fisher, said that:

‘Chris wants us to do as much as you can practical.

”If you can achieve it in camera, that’s always the goal.”

Lynda Obst, the film’s Producer, said ”He takes us to these exotic locations and creates a planetary atmosphere.

”He’s filling the screen with a real image that feels real because it is real.”

John Lithgow, who played Donald in the film, says that Nolan is gifted with creating realistic scenes and recounts a dust cloud scene.

”He loves to work from reality. When we turn around and say: ‘Uh oh, a dust storm, you figure you were just gonna look at an empty landscape and they just put it in later for us so we would have to pretend. No.”

Christopher Nolan said that when you are dealing with the vastness of the universe, it is going to be the most ambitious film you’ve ever done, that takes a number of different forms.”


Cameron Sets to Improve Charity Commission to Stop Charity Collections for Terrorist Groups.

The UK government will provide better powers and an increased £8 million funding to cap bogus charity groups and movements that use the collected charities for terrorism and criminal use. According to UK Prime Minister David Cameron “Today’s changes will help make sure that when the people donate to charity, their money always goes to genuinely good causes.”

The Charity Commission highlighted it had troubles with weak enforcement powers and a lack of resources. The UK government addressed this by closing legal loopholes that allow criminals and terrorists to use charities for collecting funds.

The Commission now has power to ban anyone with convictions to become a charity trustee. The new Protection of Charities Bill draft allows the commission to do this and to remove anyone they consider unfit to become a charity trustee.

It will then have more powers to shut down charities under investigation to protect public confidence. They will also issue warnings for less serious cases and they will prevent resignation, usually a strategy to avoid disqualification. Most criminals use this and then return to becoming a new charity with a clean record.

The UK government’s strengthening of the Charity Commission is its latest move in a series of concerns regarding the Islamic State and criminal activities in the country.


UK Experts Want Restrictions on Testosterone

Leading UK medical experts have called on a restriction for testosterone boosting drugs, as it is claimed that they have very little or no effect in reducing the symptoms of aging in men.

Testosterone drugs are often prescribed to men who complain of symptoms such as low libido, lack of energy, fatigue, obesity problems, and muscle loss. The testosterone levels in men can also be tested, and if found to be low then drugs are prescribed.

Medical experts are calling on GP’s to not prescribe the drugs straight away, and instead, offer suggestions of a number of natural alternatives, especially to men in their thirties and forties who can potentially still produce enough testosterone without any drugs.

One of the natural alternatives mentioned by the experts was a supplement called phytoceramides. Very popular in America and Canada, phytoceramides have not gotten a lot of attention in the UK, although this is slowly starting to change as people start to understand more about this natural alternative to testosterone drugs.

So how can you buy these kind of supplements? Do they sell phytoceramides at supermarkets like Tesco or will you have to order them on the internet?

Unfortunately, they are not yet available to buy on the UK high street, but sites such as Amazon and eBay keep them well stocked so you should have no problems getting your hands on a bottle.

What other things can men do to naturally increase their testosterone without the help of drugs? One suggestion by a leading fitness expert in the UK is to visit a gym 3 times a week and eat a diet high in steak, fish, eggs and vegetables.

For example, recent studies show that just a 1 hour workout 3 time a week is enough to increase testosterone in an average male of 35 years of age by up to 300%. As you will no doubt agree, this is definitely worth getting off the couch for and joining a local gym.

A sample testosterone boosting diet could be scrambled eggs in the morning with oats and fruit. Then, for lunch have a tin of salmon with rice and salad, and for the evening meal go with steak or chicken with vegetables and a baked potato.

Also, it’s essential that you drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, and avoid sugary drinks like Coke and Orange juice from concentrate.

Cameron Warns That Voting For UKIP is a Big Mistake

According to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, voting for UKIP will let the Labour party flourish in without any warning as the Conservative party is still behind Labour for the upcoming year’s election polls. He iterated that the next UK election will focus on credibility and the fulfilment of promises.

Meanwhile, Cameron had also revealed his plans for increasing the tax allowance of £10,500 to £12,500 by 2020. He also claimed the plans would increase the higher tax threshold from £42,265 to £50,000 the following year.

Cameron also promised to introduce a UK bill of rights to incorporate the European Convention in UK law and allow EU rules on the free movement of labour. This is part of his plan to re-negotiate Britain’s position in its EU membership.

He also said that by 2015, the Conservative and the Labour party are the only two parties that will matter.

“This is a straight fight. It does not matter whether parliament is hung, drawn or quartered, there is only one choice- the Conservatives or lAbour. This is the big question for this election: on the things that matter in your life, who do you really trust?”

Cameron also blasted Labour Leader Ed Miliband’s Propsal to increase NHS funding, their response to the “Yes” voters on the Scottish Independence Referendum this august. He said that his family knows the importance of health services in the country, and that he will never put UK’s children at risk of having no GP to help them.


Ed Miliband Unveils 10-Year Plan to Restore Britain, Focuses on NHS Improvements

Labour Leader Ed Miliband is slated to pledge more funding to improve the health service in the United Kingdom after unveiling a 10-year plan to help rebuild Britain including Scotland.

UK political analysts believe that Miliband will state in his speech that more funding will be allocated to the National Health Service and Social Care, and also the commitment of the Labour Party to have more fiscal discipline to achieve a “world-class” lifestyle in the UK without “big spending.”

Ed Miliband’s 10-year plan will include having people buy 400,000 homes each year to improve the real economy, boosting apprenticeship until it matches the number of students heading to the university, reducing the number of low-paid workers and investing in “green” technology to create millions of jobs is part of his “national mission.”

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls had confirmed spending control tightness on Monday. This included strictly holding onto higher borrowing. However, he warned about significant cuts to child benefit and other “tough decisions” for Westminster for the 10 year plan.

Miliband will say in his speech that Scots who voted “Yes” in the Scottish Independence Referendum that “they felt they had nothing to lose by quitting the UK.” He will also say “Our task is to restore people’s faith in the future” with his plan by “breaking up with the old way of doing things, break with the past.”


Ashya’s Parents Struggle Against Returning to Britain

Brett and Naghemeh King, of 51 and 45 years of age respectively, are currently fighting against returning to Britain after leaving with their son, Ashya, who has a brain tumour, despite medical orders to remain hospitalised. Their disappearance along with their six children abroad to pursue a proton beam therapy for Ashya had a European arrest warrant issued against them for “parental neglect.”

Currently, Ashya is staying in a hospital in Malaga, Spain and attending doctors report the child to be in a stable condition. Ashya has a brain cancer known as medulloblastoma. The family went to Spain to sell their apartment in the country to raise money for Ashya’s supposedly proton beam treatment.

Before the police had found the King family, Brett and Ashya King had released a video denouncing the police hunt as “ridiculous.”

Medical orders primarily indicate concern regarding Ashya’s health as his removal from the hospital could put his health and life at grave risk. Police who responded to the arrest warrant did not apologise for the manner a search was conducted because of the medical advice given to them regarding Ashya, which they regard as highly critical.

King said that his son’s treatment appeared to be “trial and error” and he had great confidence in the proton beam treatment despite assessments that the latter treatment will not bear better results. King researched the treatment on American, French and Swiss medical websites.


New Domestic Violence Crime Will Include Manipulative Behaviour

Simple cases, such as partners physically abusing their wives, would definitely give the police department the right to intervene. However, manipulative and controlling behaviour is never always considered a crime as it is not dangerous. Home Office Theresa May is pushing for a new domestic crime that would include a pattern of manipulative behaviour, either intentional or unintentional.

According to Polly Neate, the Chief Executive of Women’s Aid, the move is very welcome. Most survivors approaching the Women’s Aid tell stories of partners manipulating them using their feelings inflicting mental and emotional scars against them.

Manipulative behaviour is when a woman lives in fear of her partner whenever he has a bad mood. For trivial errors, they could get shouted at or called out just because their partner is in a bad mood. The mental pattern etched in women reaches an extent where they are taught to expect humiliation and they are threatened if they do things wrong.

The new domestic crime definition could inculcate the said pattern in the Criminal Justice System. The Crown Prosecution Service could then charge an offender who shows manipulative behaviour over a victim.

Criminalising manipulative and coercive behaviour in partners can help victim seek police help for intervention, according to Neate.