Investors Leaving London Due To Inc...

The stronger the UK pound is getting, the more investors are trying to get out of London. Analysts are acknowledging a 'softening of interest' among p...

Lloyds, the biggest miss seller.

Every UK bank, including the UK ‘Big Four’, had paid the price of their misdeeds. Lloyds had recently announced a £1.8 billion additional provisi...

Chinese- Style Education For Britai...

The Chinese education system has long days and rigid discipline. It is less lenient than accustomed to, but it allows its students to top the global l...

NHS Doctors Forced To Back Seven-Da...

Proposals outlined by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to deliver seven-day NHS services for patients in England and Wales come under fire as doctors' uni...

Investors Leaving London Due To Increasingly Strong Pound

The stronger the UK pound is getting, the more investors are trying to get out of London. Analysts are acknowledging a ‘softening of interest’ among property investors from Malaysia and others in Southeast Asia. Asian investors have been responsible for the increased property market, which had inflated the local markets.

One estate agent had recorded a 10 per cent drop in the value of luxury homes in Battersea. Experts had blamed the increasingly fading novelty of buying London’s high-end penthouses due to the increasing value of the pound in the last few months. Increased economic instability in investor home markets had also contributed to the move.

Knight Frank, an estate agent, said prime London homes owned by Russians had decreased by 2.9 per cent of the total value it had during the first six months of 2015. This is less compared to the 6.7 per cent in the previous period.

Buyers from Singapore had their values halved to 1.4 per cent in value. Chinese investors had their amounts drop to 9.4 per cent from 10.9 per cent.

Russian buyers, with the rouble falling by 55 per cent due to the sanctions imposed on Russia, find themselves at a huge loss.

Sime Darby, which owns 40 per cent of the Battersea project, said in a statement: “We are witnessing softening of interest among buyers from Malaysia and southeast Asian regions, probably due to the prevailing volatile currencies and uncertainty in economic outlook. No exchanged contracts have been cancelled to date.”

Lloyds, the biggest miss seller.

Every UK bank, including the UK ‘Big Four’, had paid the price of their misdeeds. Lloyds had recently announced a £1.8 billion additional provision for consumer compensation. Lloyds has a total of £9.83 billion in consumer recompense, making it the biggest miss seller of payment protection insurance. The Financial Conduct Authority estimates that there had been 53 million payment protection insurances sold. Most of the miss selling came from bank employees who tried to raise work volume for added incentive beyond quota. This new banking scandal put Lloyds, the taxpayer-backed banking company and 39% contributor to the total £25 billion UK PPI compensation package, back in the spotlight of public scrutiny.

Lloyds may be the first bank to redress PPI claims, but the former watchdog FSA fined £4.3 million from the bank this February for not paying its victims promptly for their miss sold PPI.
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Chinese- Style Education For Britain May Flop or Loft

The Chinese education system has long days and rigid discipline. It is less lenient than accustomed to, but it allows its students to top the global league tables. The Chinese-style discipline came with five Chinese teachers who immediately switched roles with their original teachers before school started.

In the BBC documentary ‘Are Our Kids Tough Enough’ with the episode “Chinese School”, students from the Bohunt School in Liphook had 50 children in year nine to take classes from Chinese Teachers. For four weeks, the students wore a special uniform. They began school at 7AM. Every week there was a pledge to the flag. The childrens’ lessons were focused on note-taking and repetition.

Group exercises were taken and students had to clean their own classrooms. They had two meal breaks in a 12-hour day.

As the week passed, the students’ behaviours improved. Teacher-pupil relationships had also improved. Some pupils also expressed they liked the Chinese-style education format. Because they had to write down what was written on the board, they understood effectively and it allowed them to remember the lessons by heart.

However, according to education analysts, it is not the format of teaching, but rather the culture, the parents and the values thereof in teaching are the key to topping the educational charts worldwide.

NHS Doctors Forced To Back Seven-Day Working Contracts

Proposals outlined by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to deliver seven-day NHS services for patients in England and Wales come under fire as doctors’ unions say that the protests amount to a “wholesale attack”.

The current consultant contract places senior doctors in a contract that will have them on standby during emergency cases. Should the case be non-emergency, doctors could refuse to work during the weekends.

Hunt says he will not allow the British Medical Association to be “a roadblock to reforms that will save lives.” He is also signalling a move to performance related pay as he reforms consultant contracts.

Hunt said that if they cannot negotiation ,they are ready to deliver a new contract. The Health Secretary plans to remove the consultants’ ability to opt out from weekend and evening working by April 2017. All annual pay increases will be awarded based on levels of responsibility and achievement.

Hospitals in Salford Royal and Northumbria are already operating seven days and have seen improvements in both patient care and staff morale. However, the BMA argues there is no “robust modelling” of the impact of seven day services on staff members and working patterns.

Hunt is to respond to this, claiming “the lack of a consistent seven day service in hospitals could mean patients are 15 per cent more likely to die being admitted on a Sunday.

Syria IS Strikes Argued To Be For Britain

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon urges British MPs to consider allowing the RAF to carry out air strikes in Syria rather than being limited in attacks in Iraq. Fallon states there is no legal barrier but he also assured MPs there will be no action without a Commons vote.

His suggestion comes after British tourists in Tunisia were suspected to have been planned by IS in Syria. About 29 out of the 38 tourists who died in the attack were British. The murders were brought about by a Student named Seifeddine Rezgui who was 23 years old.

Prime Minister David Cameron also urged the voting after highlighting that the Islamic State was “an existential threat” to the west as its members in Iraq and Syria plotted terrible attacks against Britain. In 2013, rebellious Tory members voted against Cameron as Labour opposed air strikes on Syrian government targets to deter their use of chemical weapons.

Political analysts said MPs will not risk losing another vote without the support of the Labour party.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the 29 British victims of the Tunisian attack had safely arrived in the United Kindom.

Michelle Obama Endorses Her Education For Girls Campaign

The United States’ First Lady Michelle Obama had arrived in London to promote her girls’ education campaign and better support for military families. Obama travelled with her mother and two daughters and are to meet with Prince Harry and have tea with the UK’s Prime Minister and His wife on Wednesday.


Mrs. Obama is to host an event at the Mulberry School for Girls in East London’s Tower Hamlets. Her event will discuss the possible joint work between America and Britain to help adolescent girls across the world to have education through her ‘Let Girls Learn’ initiative.

US President Barack Obama also leads the campaign.

Michelle Obama also spearheads the Joining Forces Campaign, which encourages more support from the public and private sectors to guarantee that veterans, soldiers and other service members have the tools to succeed throughout their lives even post retirement.

After London, Mrs. Obama is to fly to Italy to meet US armed services families in Europe and to visit the Milan Expo to encourage healthier diets for children.

London Just Saw A Giant Dead Dinosaur

What might seem to be hilarious news turned out to be true. A truck from the National Geographic Channel is carrying what seems to be the dead body of a T-Rex.

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The truck was seen passing by the Trafalgar Square, London Bridge, House of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. The appearance of the Tyrannosaurus Rex looked lifelike. It might have looked real, but we can reassure you, it isn’t.

It is a publicity stunt after all. That’s usual in most big cities. The National Geographic Channel is about to promote a new programme called ‘T-Rex autopsy.


“Boy Racer” Sports Car Kills Young Male

A pedestrian crossing a west London road was hit by a sports car after the racer forgot to time his brakes properly.

Residents along the Great Western Road Brentford described hearing a loud thud after the Mazda MX-5 collided with a pedestrian crossing the six-lane road on Monday.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene as paramedics arrived between Gillette Corner and Wood Lane

The driver of the Mazda was too shaken and upset to talk to anybody by the roadside.

According to residents in the Great Western Road, motorists have been ignoring stoplights in the last few years. Some have said some drivers and motorcycle riders perform stunts on the six-lane road during the night and some even turn back to repeat their performance.

The incident is the second road accident in the area.

Police arrested two men and a driver over the crash. They are now being held in custody. The police are searching for the victim’s next of kin.

Majority of Britons Are Inviting Skin Cancer During The Summer

According to The British Association of Dermatologists, about 72% of people admit that they were sunburned in 2014.

In the UK, the government recommends that people take a check for skin cancer. About ¾ of the population have not recognised signs of skin cancer from excessive sunbathing.

Each year, 2,000 people die from skin cancer.

The Association warned that Britons must heed the warning. Plenty of Britons believe that skin reddening is just part of their sunburn. British Association of Dermatologists Representative Jonathon Major said that sunburn brings severe disease. Skin reddening is not a harmless part of the process because it could potentially cause skin cancer.

According to Dundee University Professor of Dermatology and British Association of Dermatologists’ Skin Cancer Prevention Committee Chairman Charlotte Proby said that rising skin cancer levels are a major health concern in the United Kingdom.

She added that many in the United Kingdom are aware of the effects of sunburn and excessive sunbathing. However, there is yet to be a culture of sunblock and skin checking in the country.

Sunbathing is very popular during summer in the United Kingdom. Plenty of Britons consider it a great break from the UK’s usual chilly to winter weather.

Sexual Abuse Education Could Help Kids Spot and Report Abuse

According to Sally Weale’s Report from 24 separate trials of comprehensive research including 6,000 children around the world, researchers found pupils taught at school could learn about and understand sexual abuse through games, songs and books could report their own experiences quickly.

The report shows that children who did not receive sexual abuse education were unlikely to report their situation. It was shown that only about 4 in 1,000 talked about their sexual abuse. The report showed that those who were taught about it in school brought 14 out of 1,000 students to tell their situation.

The report said:

“Even if successful in only a small proportion of situations, given the prevalence of child sexual abuse, it is possible that the skills and knowledge learned in prevention programmes may be of assistance to a considerable number of children.”

MPs have scrutinised the quality and availability of sex education in England’s schools and Westminster has called for the education to be mandatory to help safeguard young children from sexual abuse.

In some countries, child abuse education has been swiftly implemented with school based programmes designed to prevent sexual abuse.